MIPT often executes projects jointly with our industry partners – companies with whom we have developed close cooperative alliances or joint ventures through years of working together or through our professional networks.


We partner with proven, industry-leading companies that offer reliable and efficient solutions in such fields as mechanical and petrochemical engineering, non-destructive testing (NDT) and corrosion testing/monitoring, in-service storage tank cleaning and fluid transfer services.

• Design and fabrication of comprehensive systems allowing to assess the internal corrosion of the mechanical integrity of pipes, pipelines, towers, and tanks

• Design and fabrication of test stations providing monitoring and precisely measuring levels of cathodic protection with the latest ultrasound technology. It provides precision and detailed analysis of buried pipes and pipelines and those located under high-voltage power lines or in soil-resistant areas
•  In-service tank inspection robotics

Development and manufacturing of advanced, innovative, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient coatings for a range of industrial, petrochemical, and commercial applications

​•  Providing a full complement of fit-for-purpose engineering services and solutions

•  Practical and analytical approach; one based on trust, transparency, and accountability

• Pipelines, crude oil terminals, petrochemical and refinery, gas facilities, SAGD and thermal, brine processing and injection, gas compression, LPG and fractionation, oil facilities, oil & gas well tie-ins & gathering systems

•  Offers a patented oil tank cleaning technology and oil recovery system

•  No manual cleaning, keeping people safe and away from hazards

•  The zero entry tank cleaning technology and oil recovery system can clean any above ground oil storage tank and recover waste oil in a safe and efficient way through the closed loop system of containerized process modules